Ed Ponsi Forex

If you forex book offers you a great intro into the world of forex, what i like about ed Ponsi`s forex book is the fact that Ed`s books are easy to read and can make a complex subject like forex seem very simple.


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I bought the hard cover book of ed Ponsi from Amazon and found the book a great and easy read. If you are completely new to forex then buy ed ponsis forex book which i believe will open your eyes and mind to the world of forex.

Ed Ponsi also offers a course on forex trading from one of his sites, i have seen his dvd course and found it really good for the forex investor and trader. If you are going to be buying books on forex trading have a look through our complete books about forex trading which we consider important if you are looking to make money trading forex.

Ed is a Wall Street professional who gets right to the point. He believes that in order to navigate the markets, traders must have a thorough understanding of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and risk management.

They must practice discipline and exercise self-control, and apply a rigorous planning process before entering trades. It is never easy and it is not for everyone.

All of this started innocently enough; Ed began just like many other traders, with a strong desire to succeed, but without a plan for doing so. He remedied this problem by taking a position with a boutique Wall Street trading firm. It was there that he first became exposed to professional traders and their strategies, and began to create the techniques and methods that he uses today.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Series By Robert Kiyosaki

 Robert Kiyosaki  

07 Jan 2013

The rich dad poor dad series is an excellent resource in my opinion, not just to making money in finance but by understanding the correlation to what the rich invest in and how the rich use money and leverage this book changed my life and ultimately lead me to finding trading and other courses which have furthered my study of the market. [...]

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Ed Ponsi Forex

Ed ponsi  

19 March 2011

Ed ponsis book on forex is one of the best intro books to forex trading - If you are looking to trade forex then ed ponsis book should definitely be part of your library and worth getting your hands on [...]


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Steve Nison - Candlestick charting

Steve Nison  

19 March 2011

Steve Nison the father of Japanese candlesticks and who introduced them to the west is an excellent read for any person looking to get into candlestick trading. This is one of the best books out there on candlesticks you will find forex charts will just jump out at you and let you know with a high degree of accuracy where the market is likely to go [...]

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Tony Robbins - Wealth Mastery

Tony Robbins  

19 March 2011

Tony Robbins books are excellent from a financial aspect in getting the right psychology in order to succeed in business as well as generally dealing with life's obstacle's, i would highly recommend any reader to get one of tonys books and if possible attend his financial freedom seminars - they are excellent [...]

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Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery

John Murphy - Technical Analysis

 John Murphy  

19 March 2011

If you are going to trade the FX market you are going to need to understand how to read technical analysis, i have bought all of johns materials and the books will help you make sense of the markets, combined with Steve nisons material you will increase the ods of trading the FX market right from the start [...]

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Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

Napolean Hill  

19 March 2011

You cannot make money in FX until you know how to think and grow rich, Forex is about thinking and knowing what to do in the markets on a daily basis, unless you have the mindset of a millionaire, then i would highly encourage you to stay away from the forex market as in order to succeed you need to have the right mindset, this is one of the first books i bought that led me to books like robert kiyosaki, Tony Robbins[...]

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Jesse Livermore - Trading books on Jesse Livermore

Jesse Livermore  

19 March 2011

Jesse livermore was an amazing trader who made millions in the great depression shorting stocks, he was personally asked by JP morgan to stop shorting the market, Livermores insights are uncanny and still apply to this day, this man had discipline like no other and was an amazing stock trader. [...]

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Alexander Elder - Trading in general

 Alexander Elder  

19 March 2011

Dr Alexander elders books are awesome, having escaped from Soviet Russia he made his was to the states where he began trading, i have seen his seminars and Dr Elder offers some amazing insights into the heart and mind of traders, i would highly recommend Dr elders books and seminars to anyone looking to trade the markets, though his style applies to trading equities it is equally applicable to trading the forex market? [...]

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