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Here’s 6 Beginner Forex Mistakes You Should Avoid: lineAvoid  These 6 Common Mistakes And You Will Save Money & Be 1 Step Closer To Making Money In the Forex Market Mistake #1 – Not Doing Your Home Work Not doing your home work refers to you not studying the Forex or FX market and learning about forex in the first place. In order to trade forex and make money on a consistent basis you need to treat forex like a business & be serious about it.  Mistake #2 – Jumping Into Live Trading If you havent don your home work properly chances are that you will start live trading way before you are ready, this typically happens when someone is sold one of these “get rich tomorrow scams”

Mistake #3 – Buying Get Rich Quick Schemes Youve seen them before – get rich tomorrow with some robot or automated forex software. Would you really sell a forex black box system for $97 that could make you millions? I didnt think so – dont get fooled by get rich quick schemes.

Mistake #4 – Using Forex Robots When You Dont Know How To Trade

Forex robots are not a miracle or some way you can just click a button or have the robot click the button to make your trades for you. You cant expect to make money on a consistent basis based on an algorthym alone.

Mistake #5 – Not Being Able To Read Forex Charts If you dont know how to read charts, then chances are you will never do well when it comes to forex trading, in order to succeed in forex trading, you need to know how to read charts, trends and how to interpret price action.



Download Your FREE Course Today Worth $97


We will NEVER give out your info!

About The Forex Predator Program:The forex predator program is a FREE 3 hour intro into forex trading and intorduces you to the world of trading – This very same course pesonally cost me over $2,000 to learn at a live seminar in you can get this course for free today when you sign up.The Forex predator course covers basic, intermediate as well assome advanced topics and to make sure you understand the course as well as to help you understand forex a little better we have included a FREE report as well as an email series to help you learn as much about Forex as possible..

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  How to make the proper trade for your account and trading style
How to trade a 24-hour market and still sleep soundly
Understand japanese candlestick charts
The most profitable japanese candlestick patterns
How to use technical indicators to help you trade better.


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