Jessie Livermore

Jessie Livermore I have read Jessie Livermores books and find them extremely interesting. If you are interested in trading forex, stocks, options then livermores books are amazing, the insights he provides into his thinking is what really seperates this man from the crowd.

Especially when you consider that many of this ideas, philosopihes were written around the early part of the 21st century. I often wonder how much livermore would be making right now if he were involved in the markets.

Livermore is still one of the greatest traders out there in my opinion, grab one of his books if you can from amazon.

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About Livermore

Born in 1877, Jesse Livermore is one of the greatest traders that few people know about. While a book on his life written by Edwin Lefèvre, “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” (1923), is highly regarded as a must-read for all traders, it deserves more than a passing recommendation.

Livermore, who is the author of “How to Trade in Stocks”(1940), was one of the greatest traders of all time. At his peak in 1929, Jesse Livermore was worth $100 million, which in today’s dollars roughly equates to $1.5-13 billion, depending on the index used.

The enormity of his success becomes even more staggering when considering that he traded on his own, using his own funds, his own system, and not trading anyone else’s capital in conjunction.

There is no question that times have changed since Mr. Livermore traded stocks and commodities. Markets were thinly traded, compared to today, and the moves volatile.

Jesse speaks of sliding major stocks multiple points with the purchase or sale of 1,000 shares. And yet, despite the difference in the markets, such automation increased liquidity, technology, regulation and a host of other factors that still drive the markets today.


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