Tony Robbins wealth mastery

Tony Robbins wealth mastery seminar is just that! Its about learning the process of what makes the wealthy really wealthy. The seminar is packed with info from learning the process that the rich use to get wealth and the different vehicles you can use to achieve financial mastery.

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Wealth mastery Tony robbins wealth masteryis an eye opener and once you have your eyes open you will not only never think the same again regarding you wealth and finances but you will discover the process of how you can get there.

At the seminar you will learn about business, investing and for those young enough you will be introduced to other sophisticated financial vehicles such as options trading which when combined in the right way can really help you achieve wealth mastery faster.

The seminar is jam packed and full of info. It typically is a 9-13 hour day with tons and tons of info in the seminar. Most people think they can only attain wealth through investing and business but you will be shown that your job no matter how good or bad is really an investment that will help all your other investments.

The seminars start early and usually include a number of guest speakers. With financial mastery you will be introduced to Joe – Tony’s right hand man (if he is still taking the seminar), be introduced to chuck Mellon, Keith Cunningham and other speakers who are all very successful in their own fields.

Chuck was one of my favorite speakers at the seminar covering topics such as investing, spending, momentum trading and other financial topic’s.

If you are looking to build wealth, have read a few books and just don’t know which path to take then i highly recommend wealth mastery. It is important to note that just because you attend the seminar does not mean it will make you rich!

It is important to know that this seminar is introducing the map, the territory which  you will need to travel and in most cases this is a personal journey as no one is going to hold your hand. They tell you what the rich do and when the seminar is over you will have to take charge and as Tony says ” most important” Take Action.

There’s a lot of sitting time and group sessions as typically these seminars have around 1-2 thousand people attend them at any given time. Some of the people you meet along the way will be annoying while others seem pretty ok you will we listening and filling your file out which you are given at the beginning of your seminar to help re-inforce what you have learnt.

I decided to attend one of the seminars as it seems to keep you focused, keep you on track to letting you find your own way in life. Most people in life are not born or know of a road map to help them achieve financial freedom and before you can get financial freedom you have to have the right habits, the right mindset and a action orientated mentality.

The books which i have mentioned here are all an part of that road map including wealth mastery, i highly recommend you read Tony’s books or if not figure out a way to make your own way.

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