Forex has the Advantage

Greetings Fellow Forex Traders, When it comes to trading in any market, Forex currency trading has a huge advantage over other markets such as stocks, bonds or futures.

Firstly, the Forex market has the advantage of time, you can trade the FX market 6 days per week. Unlike stocks or bonds, you can trade Forex as its a 24 hr market! You can trade anytime during most work week days.

Forex AdvantagesIn the stock market that is simply not possible since the market closes at 4:00 pm. So you can trade Forex while keeping your day job! Which is always good.

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There are no such restrictions when it comes to trading FX trading. If you work at night, you can trade in the daytime. If you work during the day, you can trade at night.

You simply trade according to the schedule that works best for you. I want you to think about money for a moment.

Who uses all this currency that is in circulation & where does all this money go?

The world!

The whole world does in some form or another. Another advantage that the Forex market has is that there is always currency changing hands in business, imports and exporters that get the goods to you all exchange foreign exchange.


Instead of having to choose between over 4,000 stocks you can deal with the 4 main currency pairs, also known as the majors.

All businessmen know that focusing on too many things is a recipe for financial disaster and this can hold equally true in the stock market.

A stock trader also must grapple with the time issue doing research on all those potential stocks that he intends to trade. It is also much easier to become familiar with 4 Forex pairs than trying to analyze and study 4,000 stocks.

Focus is the name of the game and  Forex trading makes it much easier to do so.

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